ProHemp+ CBD Berry 100% Night Time Sleep Aid 15,000mg- 300mg Melatonin /30ml

Hemp Oil Drops

Our Professionally Formulated Hemp Oil Drops are Hand Crafted from the Highest Quality ingredients that are both Non-GMO & Vegan Friendly. Containing only 2 Ingredients There is nothing on this label you can’t read! Crafted using Colorado Organic Hemp Oil and Natural & Artificial Flavoring.

Hemp Oil – 500 mg per serving / Serving Size 1ml – 30 servings per container

Melatonin  300mg per serving              Natural and artificial flavors


Hemp Oil Benefits:

✔ Enhanced Brain Function
✔ Reduced Anxiety & Stress
✔ Improves Mood
✔ Improved & Quality Sleep
✔ Boosts Immune System
✔ Quick Absorption

Night Time Sleep Aid

WHY USE ProHemp+ FOR SLEEP AND RELAXATION? FALL ASLEEP NATURALLY! Our Night Time Sleep Aid is formulated to help fall asleep and stay asleep longer – and wake up next morning without the drowsines. Our Sleep Aid Drops help you feel completely natural and are non-habit forming. You will love it when you use it, and you won’t miss it if you don’t. It’s the perfect supplement to add to your daily lifestyle without being dependent on it. 

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